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David Angell

David Angell
Dr. David Angell has a background in competitive swimming and coaching. After graduating from the University of Western States with his Doctor of Chiropractic in late 2013, he joined his sister to practice in the Netherlands. During this time, he opened two chiropractic and massage clinics in Amsterdam and Twello, which focused on treating athletes, as well as non-athletes, suffering from chronic pain and injury.

His first experience with chiropractic occurred when he was 15, after sustaining a diving injury to his lower back. Despite seeing a number of specialists for more than half a year, he was not recovering. It was at this point that he received his first chiropractic adjustment, which was miraculously helpful. His interest in chiropractic grew significantly so that after he graduated from Pfeiffer University with a Bachelor degree in biology and pre-medicine, he decided to become a chiropractor.


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